1994 (S. Diamont)

        They should have named a hurricane after you
        With the trouble you cause and damage you do
        You never look back on the runs that remains
        Like a hurricane

        I never should have opened up my window
        The night I saw the lightning in you eyes
        I never should have let you touch me with your finger
        Cause you cut a path of destruction blowin' through my life...
        I ain't lyin'

        I left the warm and tener arms that loved me
        I left the safety of my home and family
        I don't see the bitter tears on the horizon
        I was all caught up in the power of your love rainin' down on me
        Oh ! Listen baby

        Oh ! And you blow in and out of my life, yes you do
        I try to lock you out baby
        But you keep on setting my little red house on fire

        Somebody tell me why I never learn from my mistakes
        Cause here I am standin' alone in the cold
        Looking and the mess of my heart you've made